Single Minded

Teach me Your way, O Lord; I will walk in Your truth; Unite my heart to fear Your name.
Psalm 86:11, NKJV

In the inner life of every person, there is a struggle between worldly temptations and godly desires. After asking God to show him how to live righteously, David prays for an undivided nature. The word translated “heart” in this verse is sometimes rendered “mind” or “soul” or “understanding.” David does not want to be a hypocrite or a double-minded man.

Reputation is what other people think of you. Character is who you really are when no one else is watching. Integrity is the condition of having these two principles united in perfect agreement. The persona you present to others should match the reality of your private life. Pray that God will teach you the way He wants you to live and that He will give you a single-minded focus to revere His Holy Name.