Throughout scripture, Jesus revealed masculine traits like boldness, courage, strength, and initiative. Yet toward the end of his earthly ministry, after pronouncing seven woes upon the religious leaders, Jesus described His love for the children of Israel as that of a mother hen. He wanted them all in the nest—together, sheltered, protected, nurtured, and safe. How striking of Jesus to evoke a maternal image!


In the Christmas comedy Elf, Will Ferrell’s character, Buddy, passes a restaurant advertising the “world’s best cup of coffee.” In his naïveté, Buddy assumes that they have truly earned the best coffee award and offers them effusive praise for a job well done! Imagine being of such good cheer simply because you found the world’s greatest coffee! We who have found faith in Christ have even more reason to be cheerful!


Paul said the Philippians were to be single-minded in striving for the gospel. Sadly, on earth, we are often distracted from spiritual striving and focus on physical striving. Many strive endlessly for that mansion, that lofty position, that perfect body, and that life filled with pleasure, when Jesus promises that one day He will build us in heaven a mansion on streets of gold, give us a position reigning with Him, grant us a new and perfect body that will never decay, and place us in an environment of unspeakable pleasure and delight.


The Bible teaches when we don’t know what to do, we are to ask Jesus. He knows the way and will show us. On a practical, human level, if we have questions about our health, we should ask our doctor. In my town, we have entered a phase of the pandemic in which the impact of the disease has peaked just as the rules and precautions have all been relaxed.


The expression is impossible to mistake. A downward glance. A vacant stare. Eyes with no light. Lips with no smile. A mind consumed with all the things that could go wrong, perhaps mixed with a few of the things that already have.


Motivated by greed, countless people have ruined their lives pursuing get rich quick schemes. Like carnival games at a State Fair, the system is stacked against the fool hoping Lady Luck will reward his gambling at lotteries and casinos. These places can only survive by consistently removing money from your pocket and placing it in their own. This is the recipe for poverty, broken homes, and neglected children.

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