The annals of history will undoubtedly record that in the year 2020, while suffering through the Coronavirus Pandemic, America finally learned Mom was right all along. It is important to wash our hands. Though we cannot seem to agree on the optimal song, the common thread in practically every hand sanitation lecture produced during this crisis is our solemn duty, for timing purposes, to sing while we scrub, as if the human brain were incapable of estimating a twenty second time period in complete silence.

Knitting Outside

My wife and I are praying every night for our friends and their twin babies, born at only 27 weeks, who are fighting for their lives as I compose these words. God was seventy percent finished with His knitting inside the womb when doctors interrupted the process in order to promote life. Now, the babies are outside the womb, yet our God continues His knitting. As the family and community pray fervently, teams of doctors and nurses work diligently to preserve these precious lives, providing a stark contrast with the doctors who interrupt God’s knitting to destroy life through abortion.

Who Cares?

Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares) is a popular 1991 country song by Travis Tritt in which a man flips a quarter to an old flame who had broken his heart so she could place a local call at a pay phone. I thought of it the other day when I heard a story about a church that branded itself as cool and popular. Their Sunday morning service was quite the show.

Okay Boomer

Modern society relentlessly drives wedges between groups of people based upon their race, gender, sexuality, politics, or wealth. In the minds of some, a lack of street cred means any opinion I may offer as a white, straight, conservative, middle class male must be dismissed as irrelevant. Born in late December of 1964, I am eleven days from being the final boomer.

Apostolic Flimflam

The International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders has begun selling memberships for $450. Cough up the dough and you can claim official membership in a group that has not existed for two millennia! This attempt to purchase apostleship is not original. Simon the Sorcerer offered Peter money to acquire the ability to perform apostolic miracles. The sin of simony, which refers to the buying or selling of ecclesiastical privileges, is named for him.

Remote Control

As of this writing, my son is flying to a remote part of the Brazilian state of Maranhao for a week of missionary work among an unreached people group consisting of 1.5 million souls who have never heard the gospel. These people live without electricity, plumbing, running water or any of the other conveniences most Americans take for granted. While they speak Portuguese, they neither read nor write. With no televisions, radios, laptops, cell phones, or newspapers, they furnish their own entertainment.

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