Good Government

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “government?” Most people think about laws, politicians, taxes, and debates. Few people think about Jesus. When the Bible says the government will be upon His shoulder, it means that one day Jesus will reign on His throne perfectly forever.

Good News

One December evening in the early seventies, some of the teachers at my church conspired with my parents to dress me in a white sheet and set me in front of the entire congregation, something I had never experienced during any of my seven long and illustrious years. They made the room as dark as possible, knowing how much all seven year-olds love the dark.

Doctrinal Discernment

American Christianity is uniquely susceptible to the watering down of doctrine as cunning teachers exploit the basic human desire for things like popularity, excitement, prosperity, and success. One can draw a crowd by offering a seat at the cool kids’ table, stirring up an emotional experience, or promising the worldly success Jesus neither gained nor sought.

Destiny Control

When describing a team’s chance of advancing, we sometimes say, “They control their own destiny.” By this we mean a team will succeed if they simply defeat their opponents with no regard for the outcome of any other games. While understood in this limited sense, the idea that we control our own destiny nevertheless smacks of presumption. God controls destiny.

“No” Thanks

Have you ever paused to thank God for all of the times in your life when the word “No” has been His loving answer to your prayers? Sometimes it is devastating for us to see our hopes and dreams go up in smoke and vanish into thin air. Whenever God refuses our request, we can be certain that He is purposefully channeling our time and energy in another direction.

Keep Sharing

From a Roman prison in AD 67, Paul gave Timothy practical advice for ministry. It was the last of Paul’s letters included in the Bible. This verse promotes delegation and discipleship in ministry. It’s a three-step process. First, we hear the truth from our teacher. Second, we teach the truth to our followers. Third, our followers teach the truth to their own students.

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