Take Stock

The word translated “meditate” in this verse is “logizomai” in the original language, and was used to describe mathematical calculations in the marketplace. The same term can be translated “reckon” or “estimate” or “calculate” or “compute” or “take into account.”

Reset Button

Most households use electronic devices like televisions, computers, smartphones, gaming systems, and other gadgets. Sadly, they have all been known to go on the blink. Most of us have learned the first step in fixing them is to turn them off and then turn them on again.

Higher Thoughts

Six years ago, my family and I visited the observation deck of the Empire State Building in New York City, the setting where Tom Hanks met Meg Ryan in the film Sleepless in Seattle. Meg was nowhere to be found, but the rest of the world did show up that summer evening. Those long lines meant a wait that eventually paid off with a spectacular view allowing us to see thirty miles in every direction. The cars looked like ants and the people like dots.

Church Unity

In Paul’s day, the church in Corinth was divided over leadership, false teaching, disorderly worship, sexual immorality, lawsuits among Christians, and the influence of pagan rituals in their area, but the greatest problem they faced was a simple lack of love for one another.

Faith Alone

The question is sometimes asked, “Before Jesus died on the cross, how were people saved in the Old Testament?” Sometimes we hear it said that the Jews were saved by keeping the law, but Galatians 3:11 tells us, “it is evident that no one is justified before God by the law.” Many in the era before Christ tried to be righteous by keeping the law, but they never could.

Greatest Virtue

This sentence concludes the Bible’s Love Chapter, perhaps the most beautiful description of love the world has ever known. British Evangelist G. Campbell Morgan was the Pastor of Westminster Chapel in the early twentieth century. He said that examining this chapter is like dissecting a flower to understand it. If you tear it apart too much, you lose the beauty.

Loving Discipline

It is quite an understatement to say that when children misbehave, they do not appreciate being disciplined by their parents, teachers, and coaches. Any punishment that might be rendered (such as grounding, spanking, or loss of privileges) will seem completely unfair. And yet, according to the writer of Hebrews, being chastened or scourged is a sign of love.

Your Choice

This verse is a binary thinker’s paradise offering three choices with two options each. The first choice is between a wage and a gift. A wage is earned but a gift is free.

Making Homes

In what almost seems like passing the buck, God once told Paul to tell Titus to tell the older women to tell the younger women to love their husbands and children. Paul then expanded his lesson by encouraging these young ladies to be disciplined and holy, diligent about the house, kind to other people, and respectful to their husbands.

Mother’s Love

In the previous verse, the Apostle Paul wanted Titus to teach the older women how to live respectfully, share their opinions of others charitably, remain sober constantly, and teach the younger women to be good faithfully. The older women were not to live in this manner for their own benefit. They were to make a difference in the next generation, teaching the younger women, both by word and by example, how to love their husbands and children.