Mother’s Love

In the previous verse, the Apostle Paul wanted Titus to teach the older women how to live respectfully, share their opinions of others charitably, remain sober constantly, and teach the younger women to be good faithfully. The older women were not to live in this manner for their own benefit. They were to make a difference in the next generation, teaching the younger women, both by word and by example, how to love their husbands and children.

Teaching Grandma

In this verse, Paul trains Titus in teaching the older women. With grown up children, these ladies had few responsibilities and a fair amount of idle time. They were to live respectfully, express their opinions of others charitably, remain sober constantly, and teach the younger women to be good faithfully.

No Recollection

If you have ever watched a congressional hearing on television, you are likely familiar with the sentence, “I have no recollection of that ever happening, Senator.” The witness neither affirms nor denies that an event took place, but merely confesses the inability to remember anything about it. With God, the situation is very different. He is certainly able to remember our sins, but He is not willing.

Cross Examination

In sending out the twelve apostles, Jesus never taught them to take dominion of territories, speak dreams into existence, or claim a fortune as their inheritance. In fact, He specifically told them not to take along any money or pack any clothes. Rather than promising the good life, Jesus warned them about their upcoming persecution. He spoke of betrayal, deception, arrests, rebellion, hatred, escape, and martyrdom. They were to join Him in His suffering.

Super Vision

It is a very good thing that God controls the universe. No one else has all of the information needed to rule the world. If I were in charge, rain would never fall on a Sunday, mosquitoes would all die in a plague, fast food places would serve ribeyes with a side of lobster, and the Dallas Cowboys would win every game. In carrying out the agenda I just described, matters of far greater importance would be tragically overlooked with disastrous results.

Fair Hearing

In criminal law, the concept of a fair hearing means a person who has been arrested must be notified of the charge brought against them and must also be given the opportunity to defend themselves. Perhaps you have seen an officer read a suspect their Miranda Rights on television or in a movie. These directions help suspects present the best case possible.

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