This prophecy concerns the Millennial Kingdom—a thousand year reign of peace on earth in which Jesus will govern the world perfectly. During this time, people will not be subject to any form of attack. No gun, knife, bomb, germ, or chemical will be able to penetrate the protective shield of Christ.


While millions extol the value of world peace, few ever do anything to achieve it. Astonishing as it may be to his critics, Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, is now a leading contender for the Nobel Peace Prize to be offered on October 9, 2020.

Moral Confusion

American values have been turned upside down and inside out. Promote biblical marriage and you are a homophobe. State every life matters and you are a racist. Defend the unborn and you are a misogynist. Embrace capitalism and you are an oppressor. Show patriotism and you are a xenophobe.


Cain and Abel were born to the same parents, grew up in the same location, received the same education, and shared the same skin color. They could not blame society for their actions. No society existed. They had no heritage of privilege or oppression. They did not even have grandparents.


Our society commonly boycotts those who do or say something controversial. This type of shunning is embarrassingly rigid and unforgiving, not to mention unsustainable. Over time, the ratio of people who do something foolish relative to the entire human population approaches one out of every one. Whose voice will remain when everyone gets canceled?


This verse is part of a larger passage challenging Christians to share prayer requests with leadership whether their issue is sickness, sinfulness, or suffering. People endure pain because of a temperature, temptation, or trial. If the matter is physical, anointing oil is sometimes used to symbolize the presence of God’s Holy Spirit in bringing about supernatural healing.

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