Okay Boomer

You shall rise before the gray headed and honor the presence of an old man, and fear your God: I am the Lord.
Leviticus 19:32, NKJV

Modern society relentlessly drives wedges between groups of people based upon their race, gender, sexuality, politics, or wealth. In the minds of some, a lack of street cred means any opinion I may offer as a white, straight, conservative, middle class male must be dismissed as irrelevant. Born in late December of 1964, I am eleven days from being the final boomer.

“Okay Boomer” is a pejorative expression mocking the attitudes of an older generation. In all fairness, it is equally condescending to label millennials as “snowflakes.” The idea that one must belong to a certain demographic to speak with wisdom and insight is foolishness. Rather than dismissing older people, the Bible teaches us to stand in their honor and listen to them. Respect your elders. If you are not one already, you will be one before you know it.