Escape Route

One common tragedy in the United States every year is the existence of nearly half a million structure fires. As a safety precaution, most building codes require two stairways so people can still exit even if one of them is blocked by a fire. While no one wants to think about such a catastrophe, it is comforting to know that an escape route exists.

Mental Makeover

Makeovers are expensive. Every year, Americans spend roughly $62 billion on cosmetics, $20 billion on hairstyles and nail care, $16.5 billion on plastic surgery, and $12 billion on clothes. While we clearly care about our personal appearance, the Bible teaches that real transformation is more than skin deep.

Bible Boundaries

A friend recently asked if Christians ought to read non-canonical religious literature. Two varieties exist, mostly dating from about 500 BC to the time of Christ. While the apocryphal books were accepted by Catholics at the Council of Trent, they are rejected by Protestants. On the other hand, pseudepigraphical books, such as the Book of Enoch quoted in Jude 14-15, have never been canonized by any religious body.

Breaking News

People like to be in the loop. We feel important when we know what is going on behind the scenes. We enjoy consuming information so much that even unreliable news is in demand. Rather than asking if it is true, we simply ask if it is juicy.

Healing Sinners

Nonchurchgoers often believe Christianity is all about the good people. They reason that to fit in with the rest of the congregation, they need to dress nicely, have a decent job, coach a ball team, serve in the PTA, or otherwise prove themselves as upstanding citizens within the community. But Jesus did not come for people trying to prove they were already good.

Biggest Fan

Many children grow up playing sports. Their parents purchase uniforms, pay league fees, take them to practice, sign up for snacks and drinks, and cheer them on during the games. Mom and Dad want their child to have fun, make friends, play by the rules, win humbly, and lose gracefully.

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