Security Detail

Celebrities and politicians sometimes employ a professional security detail since the nature of their work exposes them to crowds of strangers in public places. Their bodyguards watch over them to reduce the risk of danger while they travel and interact with others.

God’s Love

“For the love of God!” Have you ever heard someone use this exclamation? The love of God is not a throw away line or a truth to take for granted. The Bible teaches that God’s love is for the world—a designation not exclusive in the least. God loves everyone. God loves you.

Lamp Light

Last night I read of a Pastor in California who took his life. Although I had heard of him, I did not know him personally. He was thirty years old with a precious wife and two adorable children. A popular preacher and author, from every outward appearance, he had it all.

All Ways

The word “always” is an adverb of Old English origin meaning “all the way.” Though often applied to space or distance, the earliest uses of the word referred to time. In this verse, the Bible is very clear about which specific matters we are to bring before our Heavenly Father. We are to acknowledge Him in all that we do. We are to consult Him in every area of life.

Support System

Somewhere in the magical life of a toddler, a child is able to walk only if they can hold on to someone. They are not leaning on their own strength for support. If they want to get where they are going, they must lean upon someone else. This need to lean often comes full circle in the later stages of life when we are forced to rely upon walkers, wheelchairs, and canes.

Divine Dinner

Having someone over for dinner is a great way to become better acquainted. We eat with those who are closest to us—family members and friends whose company we appreciate and whose fellowship we cherish. In the first century, wealthy Laodicean Christians were likely to have hosted many such dinner parties.

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