My Foolishness

O God, You know my foolishness; And my sins are not hidden from You.
Psalm 69:5, NKJV

In the world of comedy make-believe, someone always plays the fool. In real life, sooner or later, we all have the opportunity to don our cap and bells. Sometimes it is a crazy business decision or an unwise investment. Sometimes it is the clothing we wear in a mid-life crisis.

Increasingly, carefree photographs from gatherings hosted in another era are dredged up, exposed on social media, and held to the more rigid standards and sensibilities of our time. Nobody wants the whole world to know about the most foolish thing they’ve ever done.

Attempting to hide our foolish sins is a time-honored tradition as old as the fig leaves worn by Adam and Eve. It always yields the same result. Rip up photos and purge histories all you want, but God knows all about it. Confession is the way to deal with sin. And that’s no joke.